Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour

I think she doesn't like them....

Michelle Malkin on The Obamas:
"People brings you the scoop on what really matters in this critical presidential campaign: Michelle hula-hoops with her daughters. They’re just like you and me! The kids have slumber parties. They’re just like you and me! Barack does laundry, but he doesn’t fold it. They’re just like you and me! The kids get small allowances. They’re just like you and me! The Obamas wear normal clothes while doing normal things."

Who should have more guns?

Botched Raid on Innocent Family Earns Cops Merit Badges:
"This is really beyond outrage. The city of Minneapolis is commending and rewarding its police officers for firing their weapons at innocent people. A family of eight was terrorized, assaulted, and nearly killed, and it’s the 'perfect example' of a situation that could have gone wrong?"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Screw the people - it's what I want!

The Far Left's War on Direct Democracy
Liberal columnist Anne Denogean of the Tucson Citizen opposes the Connerly initiative, but last month she wrote that BAMN "is showing a disgusting lack of respect for the democratic process and the right of all Arizonans to participate in it." She detailed how members of this organization harass petitioners and film people who sign the petition, while telling them they are backing a racist measure.

Read the whole thing. "Progressive" means a lot more than you think it does...

But it's not a majority, so it's OK....

One Third of UK Muslim Students OK with Killing for Islam:
"ALMOST a third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified, according to a poll. The study also found that two in five Muslims at university support the incorporation of Islamic sharia codes into British law."

Frank Rich is such a suck-up...

A smooth-talking rookie senator with an exotic name passes himself off as the incumbent American president to credulous foreigners.":
"Sorry, Frank. He's married."