Thursday, June 18, 2009

Via Taranto:

We are all inspired by Iran's peaceful demonstrations, the likes of which have not been seen there in three decades. Our sympathies are with those Iranians who seek a more respectful, cooperative relationship with the world.

The author of these words: John Kerry *. It's not as good as it sounds, though. Kerry, in a New York Times op-ed, says these things as a prelude to saying that no one should say such things. Which just goes to show that even John Kerry realizes no one cares what John Kerry says.

Orwell knew him well...

"Are you confused by all that has changed since Pres. Barack Obama took office in January? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps, though, this handy guide to Age of Obama “logic” might be of some assistance."

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Hail to the Victors:
Greetings. As president of United States -- or, if you prefer, the Great Satan -- I have have been following with keen interest the vigorous post-election debate and vibrant political dialogue which has been taking place in your great and noble Islamic Republic of Iran over recent days. It has been both educational and fascinating, and as a sports fan I have thrilled to the pageantry, the suspense, and the fast-paced, hard-hitting action. I have to say It's been as exciting as a double overtime game seven NBA final between the Lakers and Celtics! Like millions of others around the world, I can't wait for the exciting conclusion of your distracting nail-biter so I can finally focus on my big health care project at the office. (Now that's what I call a real crisis!) But no matter who prevails in your hard-fought contest, you can rest assured that I will be out there in the stands watching, and ready to congratulate the team who brings home Tehran's coveted Golden Centrifuge Cup.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...Pants on Fire!!
"Finally, contrary to what the president said and must know to be false, the 'members of Congress' don't have anything like 'essentially a public option.' They have the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan, which is a subsidized benefit of huge value that allows an annual selection by every federal employee of any of the scores of competing health care plans open to enrollment, regardless of pre-existing condition. What the members of Congress have is a subsidy and a guarantee of acceptance into any plan they want. That's not the 'Government Option' being offered up by Obamacare.

How can you trust the president on anything he says about health care when so short a passage as the one above contains such extraordinary whoppers?"

Quote of the Day...

"No matter how many times Obama claims he wants to streamline government, creating a new government agency that provides “additional overlap” will not save costs or reduce bureaucracy."

Unfortunately, they'll still be interested in killig Jews...

Piece of Work In Progress:
"Our President has been largely silent on the matter of your elections, because for all his lofty rhetoric, he is a believer in realpolitik and will negotiate with whomever he believes can be gilded with legitimacy by the corrupt United Nations. The desire for human freedom, which President Bush believed was shared and sought by all normal human beings, President Obama believes needs to be subsumed to acceptance of the 'cultural differences' that account for the variety of governments that exist in the world, whether they are legitimate expressions of the will of the people so governed or not. Having ridden to power largely by opposing the war in Iraq, which toppled the tyrant Hussein (and seems not to have been about oil, but rather about the gift of freedom, paid for with the blood and treasure of Americans), he can do nothing else.

Do not be deceived, therefore. There are many in this country who wish to see you awarded the government that you have earned by your perserverance, bravery, sweat and blood. We stand with you as best we can, and pray for your success and future happiness. Do not be afraid, for we believe as well that God is with you."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double Dare....

Obama’s Difficult Choices on Medicare Spending:
"The demand for universal coverage sounds like a moral imperative to “take care of everybody,” but in reality it would make only a marginal difference when it comes to the overall health of the American population. The sober reality is that universal coverage is another way to spend money, which may or may not be a good idea.

The most likely possibility is that the government will spend more on health care today, promise to realize savings tomorrow and never succeed in lowering costs. It is rare that governments successfully cut costs by first spending more money.

Mr. Obama has pledged to be a fiscally responsible president. This is the biggest chance so far to see whether he means it."