Friday, September 5, 2008

Seinfeld and Gates.... Cute


David Kahane
"Sure, you’re an old, old — did I mention old? — fighter jock who’ll get 99.9 percent of the military’s votes as well as those of every other “patriotic,” “God”-fearing “American.” But so what? Against you we can field an army of community organizers, lawyers, activists, advocates, Code Pink ladies, hippie draft-dodgers, metrosexuals,’ers, communists, Hollywood stars, NARAL, NAMBLA, the entire population of Seattle, and a platoon of New York Times oped columnists leading most of the rest of the media, all commanded by Der Olbermann. Hail, victory!
"Then you delivered another low blow last night when, at the end of your speech you defied that crowd of chanting fascists in St. Paul — those who would deny the plain language of the Constitution’s Article One: A Woman’s Right To Murder Her Unborn Baby for Her Own Personal Convenience Shall Not Be Infringed

Unfortunately, this is true....

The Volokh Conspiracy
Even though studies consistently show that conservative evangelical Christians are no more likely to be anti-Semitic than others (the ADL, for example, notes based on years of study that neither religion nor political ideology drive anti-Semitism, and here notes more specifically that "ADL polls on anti-Semitism in America show no greater inclination of Evangelical Christians to harbor hateful views of Jews than other groups in American society"), many American Jews, especially liberal, secular American Jews, have a disturbing tendency to suspect all evangelical Christians of being hostile to Jews.

Without question, most of my supposedly "liberal" friends are the first to be spouting some rather despicable words regarding evangelicals - even though, I can promise you, they do not know any personally. This is just another manifestation of the "I'm certainly smarter and more well informed (because I read the NY Times and watch CNN) and have the right to say this" attitude that is so well entrenched amongst the pseudo-liberal, Jewish-guilt set..... whom, by the way, think Obama is the second (first?) coming.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is it just me?

New School Rules on Bias Bullying
"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced regulations on Wednesday that are meant to combat bullying in city schools that is based on bias.

“Simply put, there is just no place for prejudice or hate or bullying in our schools,” said Mr. Bloomberg, who was joined by Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein as he announced the rules."

So let me get this straight.... There IS room in the school system for bullying that is not based on prejudice or hate? (or, as the old joke goes: "Who should I cheat on, my father-in-law?")


But, but, but…. I get big ratings with this stuff. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Is there anyone on the planet more obnoxious than Olberman?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ted Sorenson:

What JFK's man thinks of Joe Biden:
"On the other hand, the prize for political hypocrisy in a town noted for political hypocrisy went to Joe Biden. On my first courtesy call to his office, he could not have been more enthusiastic, supportive, and gracious, calling me 'the best appointment Carter has made!'"

But... Read it all.

The Agitator

Like If Jerry Falwell Rolled His Own:
"By far the best thing Palin’s done thus far is get the usual suspects to don the others’ clothes. That is, the left’s screaming “affirmative action!” while the right’s screaming “sexism!” And both are doing it with a straight face. Makes it fun to be a libertarian."

Politicians HATE ordinary citizens...

The Case Against the Case Against Palin
"The folly, of course, turned out to be my own (and Murkowski's), as Palin slaughtered the incumbent in the primary--posting a 30 point margin of victory--and went on to win the general (over a former Democratic governor) without seeming to break a sweat. She then quickly fulfilled an implicit campaign promise by slapping down ExxonMobil, BP, and ConocoPhillips in negotiations over a proposed Alaska natural gas pipeline, even though they, too, by all accounts, were well prepared to dine on her tender little frame. Not bad for a lightweight."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brunch anyone?

A not so insignificant happening....

Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

Combine this with the current reversing of the magnetic poles; and we could be in for something quite unusual. Stay tuned....

One of the best ideas I've ever heard...

Open Source Textbooks Challenge a Paradigm
"A small, digital book startup thinks it has a solution to the age-old student lament: overpriced textbooks that have little value when the course is over. The answer? Make them open source -- and give them away."

Pretty much says it all...

Who's more qualified: Palin or Biden?:
"I think we can all agree that Palin's pick of an experienced statesman like John McCain to head her ticket shows that she is much better prepared to be VP than Biden who is trying to thrust an unqualified youngster who was a do-nothing state legislator before being elected to the Senate where he put in a few months of attendance before going AWOL to run for president."