Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You don't have to like what he says, but he's been right before...

Michael Yon:
"If Afghanistan is to succeed, we must adopt it. We must adopt an entire country, a troubled child, for many decades to come. We must show the Afghans that together we can severely damage the enemies, or bring them around, and together build a brighter future. The alternative is perpetual war and terrorism radiating from the biggest, possibly richest and most war-prone drug dealers the world has ever seen, and what could eventually reverse and become the swamp that harbors the disease that eventually kills Pakistan, leaving its nuclear weapons on the table."

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Abu Ghraib Of The Great Society :

Ed Driscoll
Of course, these days, the legacy media are very much their own religion; not for nothing did Hugh Hewitt once dub Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism “the highest temple of a religion in decline.”

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Luddites always lose....

Why the International Kindle Will Change the Book As We Know It:
"Kindle 2 isn't really about what we may or may not want as readers and writers. It's about what the book wants to be. And the book wants to be itself and everything. It wants to be a vast abridgment of the universe that you can hold in your hand. It wants to be the transbook."

Rabbits burned to heat Sweden...

Animal rights outrage at plan to incinerate thousands of bunnies

Pretty bad day for the cwazy wabbits.....