Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Daily Gut:
"What if, back in 1943, an organization leaked the names of the members of the French Resistance? They would be seen as evil – and the good guys would take care of them."

Perfect turn of a phrase....

Meet Spencer Ackerman, Juice-Box Mafioso:
"All in all, if I had to sum up Spencer “Attackerman” Hackerman, I’d suggest he’s not quite the Superman able to hurl his political opposition through a plate-glass window with a single keystroke he played on JournoList and in email. Instead, he appears to be a not yet fully human man-child, clinging to an insular womb of his own design for fear of being bitch-slapped by college girls and ignored or rejected by the more mature and intelligent human beings able to survive out here in the real world where the rest of us live."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Well said...

"It's unfortunate that so many people confuse the right to do something — which I presume here — and whether it's a good idea to do it. Many — perhaps most — of the bad things people do are not illegal. You can say someone has a legal right to do something — and even enthusiastically support that right — and still tell them that what they are doing is horribly wrong.

What the Government Tells You To Eat May Be Killing You....

The Agitator:
"As the government takes over more of the health care system, expect to see more calls for more government “nudges” to help us eat healthier in order to save the government money. It’s worth remembering that like everything else government does, the government’s dietary recommendations are susceptible to all sorts of pressures and influences, which may or may not have anything to do with nutritional science