Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny how that works...

Jonah Goldberg:
Funny, I’m no expert, but that’s not how Gandhi behaved in the movie. Maybe there was a sequel with Chuck Norris as the Mahatma? “Gandhi’s back, and this time it’s personal!”

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You would think....

Victor Davis Hanson:
Only one question remains: At a time when Europe is discovering that its democratic socialism does not work, why in the world is the United States doing its best to copy it?

The Dignified Rant:

Remain Calm! All is Well!
Well golly, Fareed. Really? I remain perplexed that Newsweek is going broke with insightful analysis like this.

It never is...

Pajamas Media:
The five other ships in the “Freedom Flotilla” were boarded and escorted to Ashdod, the passengers were disembarked, and the humanitarian aid was transferred over the border into Gaza. This was apparently not newsworthy.

Just how obtuse does one have to be?

Richard Cohen - Did liberals get it wrong on crime?:
This is a good news, bad news column. The good news is that crime is again down across the nation -- in big cities, small cities, flourishing cities and cities that are not for the timid. Surprisingly, this has happened in the teeth of the Great Recession, meaning that those disposed to attribute criminality to poverty -- my view at one time -- have some strenuous rethinking to do. It could be, as conservatives have insisted all along, that crime is committed by criminals. For liberals, this is bad news indeed.