Friday, August 20, 2010

Becoming a running joke....

The Daily Caller:
"Have any other U.S. presidents ever appeared in tabloids? Did the New York Times do stories about it when those presidents’ approval ratings fell?

The NYT then cites a poll saying that 18 percent of Americans think Obama’s a Muslim. Which is ridiculous, because we all know he spent 20 years in a church where he didn’t hear a single thing the preacher said.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't tell Tom Friedman....

The Atlantic:
"Whichever way it works out, one side or another will overattribute the 2012 economy to Obama and the Democrats. The fact is, the president can't do much more than tinker around the edges of a $14 trillion economy--for which we can humbly thank God every day. If presidents really did have the kind of power over the economy that their friends or enemies try to claim, the world would be a much more terrifying place."

Cha Ching....!

Obama’s Ground Zero Debacle:
"But really, this is precisely what we should expect if we elect someone whose executive skills are negligible and whose views come straight out of the Ivy League left. Next time, maybe voters should pay more attention to the experience and values of the person they are electing to lead the Free World.


Belmont Club:
"What President Obama achieved in endorsing the mosque’s construction is to change what it is all about. Prior to his endorsement the mosque controversy might have been about religion or the culture wars. It might even have been about the War on Terror. What the President’s words have done — apart from making it all about him — is transform it into a referendum on whether a country can long rely on a elite that doesn’t even remotely “get it” the way they do.

If I’ve had a ballot
And I had a box
And I had just one thing to pull so you’d understand
I’d remember the burnings; I’d remember the blastings
I’d remember the tears among my brothers and my sisters
All over this land