Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Countdown begins for end of Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown'?
"It's as if he thinks talking LOUDER will keep his low cell battery from dying."

Is this what they used to call the "Realist School" of foreign policy?

The Engagement That Never Ends:
"The Obami, you see, have a new lease on engagement, another excuse (as if they needed more) to refrain from taking action that might imperil the Iranian regime and deny it the international breathing room it craves. Oh, and are we going to be “bearing witness” to the nine upcoming hangings? No word yet. We eagerly await the next heartfelt statement of sympathy from Foggy Bottom on the deaths of those who can no longer count on the U.S. to aid in the fight for democracy."

Well, shit, that's good enough for me....

Jonah Goldberg:
"The contention that Obama is no ideologue rests almost entirely on two pieces of evidence: He has annoyed some members of his ideological base, and because he says so."

Hope, Change and Diversity of Thought...

".....but basically to a lot of media folks if you’re not in the Obama tank with them you must be a conservative."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get used to it...

Kindle, iPad, MacMillan, and the Death of a Business Model:
"This weekend kerfuffle is really the death throes of a business model — traditional book publishers trying to preserve their traditional publishing methods for a little longer.

Half a century ago, Eric Frank Russell invented the ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times!” Confronted with the Internet, electronic books, and online publications, traditional media and legacy publishers must feel they are living in interesting times."

Sends a real thrill up my leg..... a MUST read!

The Fat Lady Sings for Keith Olbermann:
"And so the fat lady is not just singing for Olbermann and MS-NBC: Rather, she is belting out an aria that rushes Katrina-like past the designer finery of Old Media grandees in the audience of Manhattan's Metropolitan Opera, rattles the Swarovski crystal chandeliers above their heads, hurtles across Central Park, and pierces the floor-to-ceiling windows of Olbermann's $4.2-million 40th-floor Trump Palace roost."

...And he reacts as always with howls of rage, the chief wannabe on the wannabe network: I wannabe an athlete, I wannabe a power, I wannabe a stud, I wannabe Bill O'Reilly, I wannabe loved, I wannabe the center of attention...a deranged diva who has yet to decide whether his jockstrap is half-empty or half-full.

The Semi-Circle Jerk......

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quote of the Day....

The Agitator:
"Obama promises “federal belt-tightening” in State of the Union, unleashes budget with record deficit less than a week later. Yes, the promise is that the deficit will start to shrink in 2013. Want to make a bet on whether that actually happens?"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time for the proverbial "dick check"...

Belmont Club:
"Of course the touching Sunni belief that the Jewish state will save them from Iran — something that must rank as among the most astounding ironies of history — may prove to be completely unfounded. But it is indicative of the degree to which the administration has abandoned the traditional American role of hegemon that the Arab states are clutching at such straws. The President campaigned on the promise that he would restore America’s stature in the world. What he has actually transformed America’s stature into will presently be shown."

How little we appreciate...

What’s the matter with you Americans?:
"“But I stole this for you,” says the plunderer. “Why do you not take it? Why do you not vote for me?” But it is not so much the politician but the wonk, the analyst who makes such pretty plans, that finds himself exasperated by the failure of the public to appreciate them. No place does this happen more than in academia, particularly in America, where as I’ve argued before the academic does not often travel in either the working class circles or in those the successful businesspeople."

Self explanatory....

Jennifer Rubin:
Gail Collins lectures her readers that opposition to the KSM trial in New York is just selfishness run amok. You will find no better example of liberals’ contempt for the concerns of ordinary Americans and the blithe dismissal of the risks of a jihadist trial. You wonder if the Obami cringe — are they capable of shame? — when they hear their harebrained scheme defended in such a fashion.

Hope 'n Change:

The Agitator:
Obama nominates Bush holdover to head up the DEA. She has a horrible record, including supporting the de facto ban on medical marijuana research and defending one of the most notorious lying DEA informants in the history of the agency.

For all you (fooloish) Dowd fans:

"Obama is always at his best when his back is against the wall, and he is perversely content when he has the challenge of the lion’s den.":
"I'm thinking Camus was dredged up for the sake of alliteration. (Dowd downfall?) First the coma, then the Camus. Note that Frank Rich's NYT column today is 'The State of the Union Is Comatose.' That coma is contagious."

He's just getting in practice....

Reid raises $2M, spends it all:
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) raised an impressive $2 million in the fourth fundraising quarter, but spent $2.1 million -- even more money than he brought in -- much of it on campaign advertisements designed to improve his profile."

The laws of physics apply to EVERYONE!

"And there is no blaming Bush for failing to know the difference between what sounds good and what works well."

All of a sudden, the Times finds this front page news....

High Jinks to Handcuffs:

When O'Keefe and Co. were exposing ACORN as a fraud, the story took weeks to even show up on the middle pages of America's most dishonest news outlet. Surprised?