Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do they kiss you before "they do sex to you"?

Mark Steyn:
"And that’s what Andrew Revkin did, week in, week out: He took the words out of Michael Mann’s mouth and served them up to impressionable readers of the New York Times and opportunist politicians around the world champing at the bit to inaugurate a vast global regulatory body to confiscate trillions of dollars of your hard-earned wealth in the cause of “saving the planet” from an imaginary crisis concocted by a few dozen thuggish ideologues. If you fall for this after the revelations of the last week, you’re as big a dupe as Begley or Revkin."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sometimes it IS the fault of the schmuck with his finger on the trigger....

Christopher Hitchens:
"It is he, who I am taking as representative of a larger mentality here, who uses equally inert lingo to suggest that Maj. Hasan was 'pushed over the edge by his perception of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.' That's a nice and shady use of the word 'perception.' Might it not be equally true to say that Hasan was all-too-easily pulled over the edge, having already signaled his devout eagerness for the dive, by a cleric who makes a living by justifying murder of Muslims and non-Muslims alike?"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quote of the Day....

George F. Will:
"Today, there is a name for the political doctrine that rejoices in scarcity of everything except government. The name is environmentalism."

Now you've got it!
"This is about putting government in charge of health care, whether Americans like it or not."