Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

A wonderful (sort of) object lesson....

“God Help You. You're on Dialysis.”:
"As the United States moves to expand access to health care, dialysis offers potent lessons. Its story expresses the fears of both ends of the ideological spectrum about what can happen when the doors to care are thrown wide open: neither government controls nor market forces have kept costs from ballooning or ensured the highest-quality care. Almost every key assumption about how the program would unfold has proved wrong."

How can you possibly question Sean Penn's motives?

'Fair Game' Glamorizes Distortions and Perpetuates Myths:
"In sum, Fair Game unfairly distorts what Libby did. Fact is, Libby was acquitted of the only charges that involved him leaking to reporters, and his conviction for lying to Russert to cover up crimes he didn’t commit makes no sense. The defense’s efforts to rebut the prosecution claim that he lied about his conversation with Russert were crippled by the judge’s rulings. The missing testimony, including expert testimony by memory scientists — something the jury said they wanted to hear — could well have changed Libby’s fate.

It’s time to get the facts right about the Plame affair. Fair Game perpetuates the myths about it and confirms what so many believe, but which just ain’t so. It’s Exhibit No. l for the proposition that allegations live on while the truth dies, buried on page A18."

After 2 years of failure, the hollowness starts to show....

Traveling in Asia, Obama’s Glow Dims:
"Foreign leaders couldn’t seem to get enough of President Obama when he arrived on the world stage two years ago. They brought copies of his memoir to global conferences seeking his autograph. They angled for handshakes and “bilats” — diplomatic jargon for a one-on-one meeting, or bilateral. They maneuvered to get next to him in photo opportunities.

Now the glow has worn off. So when the heads of state convened this week for the Group of 20 conference — a gathering marked by disputes over currency and global trade imbalances between the United States and its allies — wrapped up here on Friday, they were not shy about putting Mr. Obama on the defensive."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rather astute, don't you think?

Dennis Prager:
"What’s the difference between California voters and the passengers on the Titanic?

The passengers on the Titanic didn’t vote to hit the iceberg.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Under the "No Shit!" title....

Attack of the Food Police - Reason Magazine:
"Now, there are many places where the government ought to be: between a citizen and a mugger, between the polluter and the sky, between us all and al-Qaida. But the space between a diner's hand and a diner's mouth is not one of them."