Friday, August 15, 2008

Read it....

A sad week for Georgia, America and the world

Not if we kill them first...

Quds, Hezbollah training hit squads in Iran

Yes, we are whiners.....

Jury Finds Pastor Did Not Assault a Flight Attendant
“The incident was not worthy of the time spent to adjudicate it,” said Mr. Labbe, the president of Anglo-Suisse, an oil and gas company. “This lawsuit, in my opinion, should not have been brought.”"

Shit happens - Move on as best you can....

Where’s the Trauma and the Grief?
"These were weird, unnerving interviews, and I don’t pretend to understand what’s going on in the minds of people who have suffered such blows and remained so optimistic. All I can imagine is that the history of this province has given these people a stripped-down, pragmatic mentality: Move on or go crazy. Don’t dwell. Look to the positive. Fix what needs fixing. Work together.

I don’t know if it’s emotionally sustainable or even healthy, but it raises at least one interesting question. When you compare these people to the emotional Sturm und Drang over lesser things on reality TV, you do wonder if we Americans are a nation of whiners."

It was called "Free Play"......

A Place and an Era in Which Time Could Stand Still


Councilman Seeks to Ban Text Messaging at Wheel

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great campaign stop....

Ralph Nader greets 150 supporters in Toronto

Read at your own risk....

Save Carthage!:
"Tobacco is a wondrous plant, capable of relaxing us, stimulating us, and offering a fantastic range of flavors. The times I’ve spent smoking an occasional pipe or cigar are among my favorite memories of the past few years, times of reflection, celebration, and deepening friendship. I wouldn’t give them up for anything. And while I can count on two hands the number of cigarettes I’ve had in my life, I know that cigarette smokers on their furtive breaks outside get their own unique pleasures from the ritual."

Precisely what I have been saying...

More motor madness:
"I can't wait for the government to take over our healthcare system."

Nothing to worry about?

Cyanide Confirmed in Denver
Denver police have confirmed that the substance found in a hotel with a dead Somali Muslim was cyanide—a lot of it.

Crescent News Network?

CNN Avoids Mentioning Islam in Segment on 'Honor Killings' Newsbusters (hat tip sharptooth)

Quite a feat: CNN has pulled off the MSM equivalent of describing a spiral staircase without using one's hands. It has managed to produce a segment on "honor killings" and related violence in the UK . . . without using the word "Muslim" or "Islam." CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon introduced the segment this afternoon at 1:37 PM EDT.

An alternative would have been nice when my kids went...

Forbes challenges U.S. News in the college ranking game

Legitimate question:
"If sticking a device on someone's car -- which is a trespass to chattels in tort -- is okay without a warrant, then is it okay if I stick a device on a police car so I can track where the cops are going, and index it against a list of known donut shops? Or would they find something to charge me with? And if the latter, then why doesn't the creativity go both ways?"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Downfall of a "Good Girl".....

Sheer genius:
"Little did I suspect when I bundled off to the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1990 that I had stumbled into a den of iniquity where underaged drinking sometimes took place."

Lots, I'm sure..... -:
"'What else are they not telling us for fear it will hurt the Democrats' prospects?'"