Friday, March 13, 2009

True helplessness....

Belmont Club:
"For others, there was no comfort in clinging to the hope that things would still turn out well; that the cavalry would come riding over the hill. Some believed that even his guilty plea was part of a cover-up, so no questions could be asked of the man who knew where all the bodies were buried. It was one of those things. Some of the victims who thronged the court for a look at the man who ruined them may have allowed themselves a moment of gloating as Madoff’s bail was rescinded and he was led off to jail. It was an unworthy thrill. But at least it was free."

There will always be Madoff's on this planet; and there is NOTHING that any of us (including Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi) can do to stop that, other than to be vigilant and not be overly greedy ourselves. I'm sorry to disappoint you; but I am personally and professionally involved with quite a few of the victims. I feel for them; but in more than just a couple of cases, these (seemingly very wealthy) folks were victims of their own avarice. Apparently, Joe Nocera agrees with me.

As we are all finding out recently, we can never really escape God's sense of humor.....

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