Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liberal Facism at its most insidious...

Fouad Ajami:
"So we are to have a French health-care system without a French tradition of political protest. It is odd that American liberalism, in a veritable state of insurrection during the Bush presidency, now seeks political quiescence. These 'townhallers' who have come forth to challenge ObamaCare have been labeled 'evil-mongers' (Harry Reid), 'un-American' (Nancy Pelosi), agitators and rowdies and worse.

A political class, and a media elite, that glamorized the protest against the Iraq war, that branded the Bush presidency as a reign of usurpation, now wishes to be done with the tumult of political debate. President Barack Obama himself, the community organizer par excellence, is full of lament that the 'loudest voices' are running away with the national debate. Liberalism in righteous opposition, liberalism in power: The rules have changed."

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