Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Someday" has arrived...

A Day No PIGS Would Die:
"You know what aid package would require Greece to get its fiscal house in order at a much lower price? No aid package! Greece has a bloated and rapidly growing public sector. It's taking a space in the EU that Turkey (a true friend of the West) should have. Greeks retire four years earlier than Germans (and Americans) and are furious at suggestions that the retirement age be raised by two years. Every piece of evidence screams against pouring any more money down this hole.

Even if you believed a Greek bailout would succeed, for the first time in the history of Earth, in making the recipient more fiscally responsible, this would still be just the first sucking sound from the PIGS countries (for Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, sometimes spelled PIIGS to include Italy). Europe is full of lazy, super-entitled bums who aren't even a threat anymore now that their penchant for violence is directed into soccer fandom rather than war. Why even suggest bailing them out?"

It seems that Tim has his finger on the pulse of Europe......

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