Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When It Comes to Salt, No Rights or Wrongs. Yet...

John Tierney:
That’s the beauty of the salt debate: there’s so little reliable evidence that you can imagine just about any outcome. For all the talk about the growing menace of sodium in packaged foods, experts aren’t even sure that Americans today are eating more salt than they used to.

When you don’t know past trends, predicting the future is a wide-open game.

My personal favorite prediction is E, the further fattening of America, but I’m just guided by a personal rule: Never bet against the expansion of Americans’ waistlines, especially not when public health experts get involved.

The harder the experts try to save Americans, the fatter we get. We followed their admirable advice to quit smoking, and by some estimates we gained 15 pounds apiece afterward. The extra weight was certainly a worthwhile trade-off for longer life and better health, but with success came a new challenge.

But don't worry, some bureaucrat or politician will soon be forcing something down your throat that will fix things - so that a few years later they can find out it was all for naught. But at least they got to control your life just a little bit more - just so you can get used to it.....

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