Thursday, November 18, 2010

I think I get it now.....

The problem is that the CIA’s motive is just one factor in a multi-factor balancing test that was designed to address the behavior of police officers in their dealings with criminal suspects.

The judge probably issued a correct ruling, by the way, under the law he had to apply. The part that leaves me howling in outrage is not so much that he suppressed the evidence. It’s that Obama should have known he would — and that there was a perfectly legal alternative to federal court for this terrorist.

And that is the true outrage of what happened today. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the military commissions established under Bush were constitutional. Those commissions were the obvious venue for trying Ghailani. But that wasn’t good enough for Barack Obama. He had to try this guy in a civilian court designed to handle completely different situations.

Oh, by the way — did you hear Obama’s reaction to today’s verdicts?

He’s pleased.

The President is pleased because he knew all along that this would be the outcome (I mean I did, how about you?) This way he can slobber up to the Muslim population (again) and tell them how much he loves them.....

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