Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's much more about hating "the rich" than empathy for the poor.....

Daffy Ducks:
"'In a surprising setback, the nation's unemployment rate climbed to 9.8 percent in November, a seven-month high, as hiring slowed across the economy,' the Associated Press reports. Another surprising setback! It's almost enough to make you nostalgic for the summer of recovery.
...The "progressives" who dominate the Democratic caucus believe in punishing the prosperous. The ugly face of such class warfare is on display in a new ad pleading with President Obama to "stay strong" and raise taxes. That attitude will be even more prevalent in next year's much smaller Democratic caucus: Of the 20 Dems who dissented from the tax-hike vote, 9 will not be returning to Congress, having either retired or lost their re-elections bids."

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