Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just doesn't seem right....

Fans Throng Lower Manhattan for Giants Parade:
"On behalf of the team, I just want to tell you all how proud we are to be able to bring a championship back to New York City,” Mr. Manning told the cheering fans. “I believe that we play football for the greatest city in the world, and all of you all deserve to have the greatest football team in the world. It’s been an honor to play with this group of guys, who have such character, such closeness amongst us, coaches who prepare us for every game. We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, but everything we’ve gone through this season has made it so special."
Now I'm pissed...As an original AFL fan and a Jets fan I had to sit through the Super Bowl with 4 Giants fans trying my best not to show my disappointment at the outcome. I know the Giants deserved to win the game (I'm not that stupid); but I really did want the Pats to make history, and the sense of what they lost is almost too much to grasp.

The other thing that REALLY bothers me is watching all these supposedly New York fans rooting for a team that lives and works in (blechh) New Jersey, that God-forsaken asshole of a place that no self-respecting New Yorker would ever move to (hats-off to Archie Bunker). That doesn't really excuse me rooting for the Jets, does it? But we did give up our Jet tickets as soon as they moved; and I live and breathe the fact Super Bowl III is probably the beginning and end of this team's success. No harm, no foul....

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