Friday, February 8, 2008

Oops!! We were just kidding....

Studies Warn Biofuel Crops Could Accentuate Global Warming:
"Just one month ago, a study conducted by a team of American researchers concluded that there was nothing more environmental-friendly than the biofuel crops, that could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 94% and produce five times more energy. New studies however warn that by transforming the various ecosystems into biofuel crop fields would only accentuate the global warming phenomenon rather than reducing it. According to the latest estimations, converting natural ecosystems into biofuel crop fields is likely to release up to 420 times more carbon."
Here we go again. A few months ago, biofuels were the darlings of the media, Congress, and every "progressive" on the planet. So now, maybe they spoke too soon, maybe they spoke too much, maybe they should have shut-up....When will we ever learn to take all of the hype with a grain of salt, sit back and try and actually THINK before we pass legislation that can't be so easily reversed and realize that we cannot govern our way through these messes?

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