Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think I'll read it....

Liberty And Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto:
"As Mark basically points out, with the onset of the Great Depression and The New Deal, Government, along with 'helping,' discovered a terrific marketing scheme that has continued to empower its growth. Today, bad economic news presents government with, not just another chance to help, but with the opportunity to take even more power away from the individual and bestow it upon itself. To the degree we permit this to happen, several degrees of what it means to be an American will be lost. That's why I found Liberty and Tyranny to be both a very important and incredibly timely read.

Today, the once liberal statists, to use Mark's wording, too often stand the Constitution on its head, using it more to codify government and acquire power, than do they use it to truly protect the rights of all Americans as a whole. Given the current administration's stated goals, if freedom loving, genuinely free-thinking Conservatives and Libertarians don't fight back intelligently and forcefully for all we're worth now, individual freedom in America will not be worth nearly as much as it is today in ten years."

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