Saturday, April 11, 2009

Via Taranto:

World's Laziest Protesters
"Brown University is taking the 'Columbus Day' out of Columbus Day weekend," the Associated Press reports:

The Ivy League school's faculty voted Tuesday to establish a new academic holiday in October called "Fall Weekend." The long weekend coincides with Columbus Day.
Hundreds of Brown students had asked the Providence school to stop observing Columbus Day, citing the explorer's violent treatment of Native Americans. Reiko Koyama, a sophomore, says celebrating Columbus Day seemed inconsistent with Brown's values.
Some people are unhappy about this; blogger Roger Kimball, for example, calls it "a tale from the annals of academic fatuousness, division of moronic anti-Americanism."

Our take is a bit different. Brown is still observing Columbus Day; it has merely decided to call it something else. Reiko Koyama and her comrades may say they loathe the man who discovered America, but apparently they don't feel strongly enough about it even to get off their duffs and go to class.

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