Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm only in it for the money....

Ann Althouse has a great take on Rush Limbaugh:
He's having fun. Doing a radio show.

I've been listening to the show — over the website, without the commercials — for the last month, so I've developed my own opinions about Limbaugh. One thing I've noticed — which doesn't come up in the linked Time interview — is that he has no real affinity for social conservatism. He likes to talk about the "3 legs" to the "stool" of conservatism. (That sounds so wrong!) But this leg man is only interested in 2 legs: national security and economics. He doesn't care about family values and that sort of thing. He's constantly alluding to his interest in having his fun with women and evading any burdensome entanglements. He has absolutely no interest in children. And he brags about his pleasures: parties, good food and drink, cigars, comfy beds, nifty gadgets. He gives every sign of being a shameless sybarite.
This echoes something I have been trying to articulate for quite some time (everyone is better at it than me, it seems): All of these geniuses -left, right and in between - are there to sell you soap and little more. Sure, they may come up with something intelligent every month or so, and the guests can be interesting; but getting your politics from the airwaves is just a bad idea.

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