Monday, February 11, 2008

Krugman is finally getting his due...

...these days even the Democratic Party seems to be turning into Nixonland.
Paul Krugman tries to convince us today that the Dems are getting as nasty as the old Nixon boys. If you read carefully, he seems to think this because his personal favorite, Hillary, is getting beaten by Obama; and, quite frankly, he doesn't like it.
Thankfully, he is finally drawing fire from all corners and being exposed for the crank that he is. Ann Althouse wonders if he has his metaphors mixed, Glenn Reynolds quotes a reader who can't believe that Krugman paints the Clintons as victims, and even The New Republic thinks he's lost touch:
Since Krugman has not been showing even fake evenhandedness for months now, I suppose this disclaimer should count as a step in the right direction. And what are the examples of "venom," anyway? Oh right, he doesn't have any, other than the obligatory reference to David Schuster's stupid comment about Chelsea Clinton.
Is the world finally waking up?

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